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Working Through the Job Search with Hearing Loss

Working Through the Job Search with Hearing Loss

The job search can get stressful – from tracking down the right positions to sending out résumés to landing those important interviews, it’s no cakewalk.

But when you have hearing loss, the search can add even more steps to the process – try out these best practices while you seek out your dream career.

Forms of contact

Remember to be smart when providing a potential employer with methods of contacting you for interviews, offers, etc. If you don’t feel comfortable with a phone conversation, supply an email address. Or if you don’t yet have a good method of operating a phone with your hearing loss, contact New Jersey CapTel to get a captioned phone delivered to your home.

Interview prep

Even if you’re good on your toes, don’t forget that prepping for an interview by sprucing up your skills and practicing certainly can’t hurt. And be honest with yourself – you want to be optimally comfortable, so if you need a support person to help translate during a face-to-face interview, make sure to be prepared by contacting a service or agency ahead of time.


It’s your right to withhold the fact that you have some degree of hearing loss from a potential employer. If you don’t feel the time is right or are worried about on-paper perception before you get a chance to show your qualifications in person, you get to decide when the time is right to disclose that you hard of hearing or deaf.

Know your worth

Don’t be afraid to tell a potential employer about your skills, your strengths and the positive effects of hiring deaf or hard of hearing people. The U.S. Department Education finds, in fact, that employees with a disability tend to have above-average performance, work quantity and attendance. Don’t be afraid to share your value.

Just remember that a lot of the job-seeking process can be on your terms – play your cards right by knowing your skills, rights and options, and you’ll have a much more positive job search.



Posted by NJAdmin on Jun 10, 2016