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Why Treating Your Hearing Loss is Important for Your Emotional Health

Why Treating Your Hearing Loss is Important for Your Emotional Health

There’s more than one way to treat your hearing loss – and it’s incredibly important to do so. Your hearing loss can affect more than just your general communication abilities. It can affect you emotionally in ways you might not expect if you let it go untreated.

Keep these effects in mind and take steps to treat your hearing loss – your emotional state will improve greatly with each step you take!

Your Earnings

Studies have shown that when you fail to treat your hearing loss or arm yourself with the right tools to help your communication abilities, it can have an adverse effect on your income. Research from the Better Hearing Institute, in fact, found that untreated hearing loss has an effect on your job performance and overall demeanor while at work. It even found that there’s a direct correlation between this and lower earnings.

Your Sociability

Feeling frustrated or misunderstood in conversations can put stress on your emotional state when you don’t utilize tools to help you (and others) out. Both young people and adults with hearing loss can feel the need to avoid social situations due to this frustration and may even feel misplaced embarrassment. It’s another reason it’s important for your emotional health to take steps to treat your hearing loss.

Your Relationships

Just like sociability, untreated hearing loss can have adverse effects on your long-term relationships. When you struggle to express yourself to others, it can cause you to feel alone or isolated. Even those around you might begin to feel negativity or sadness if they struggle to relate to you. Assistive devices and CapTel phones can go a long way in making both you and your loved ones feel more connected.

Your Communication

And this isolation can lead to a general lack of communication – whether you’re a young person having difficulty relating with peers at school or an adult who has a tough time communicating with coworkers or friends in group settings. It can feel easier sometimes to retreat into skipping communicating with others all together, so do yourself a favor and treat your hearing loss so that you can enjoy interactions with others even more.

The silver lining to all of this is that you have amazing tools at your disposal, from ALDs to CapTel phones. You don’t have to leave your hearing loss untreated – the opportunities for treatment are endless!

Source: Healthy Hearing, Better Hearing Institute

Posted by NJAdmin on Mar 22, 2016