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Who is New Jersey CapTel?

Who is New Jersey CapTel?

First and foremost, New Jersey CapTel is a service provider, founded in April 2006. Our goal is to offer the irreplaceable gifts of confidence, independence and communication to people with hearing loss. 


We do this by offering captioned phone and web-based conversation captioning solutions that allow you to listen and read captions of your conversations so you don’t miss a word.

  • New Jersey CapTel is a free service provided by Sprint and approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (the Board). Through a contract with the Board, Sprint provides full telephone accessibility to people with hearing loss
  • Experienced team helps find the right combination of service and technology for each individual situation
  • Calls can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on any day of the year, with no number, length or type limitations
  • Calls are strictly confidential, with no conversation records maintained

What we bring to the table:

  • Built-in phone displays that keep you in the conversation
  • Monitor and laptop displays for web-based communication
  • Affordable and free options for taking part in our services
  • Technology that fits a variety of unique situations

A range of options

We don’t restrict you to one-size-fits-all solutions. We’re interested in meeting your specific needs. Your options include:

  • CapTel 840: A built-in screen for analog phones that displays whatever your callers say through a free service provided by a call center agent utilizing voice-capture technology
  • CapTel 840i: A built-in screen for analog and digital phones with high-speed internet access or Wi-Fi that displays whatever your callers say on a bright, seven-inch screen
  • CapTel 880i: Works like a standard CapTel phone but built especially for low-vision customers, including a larger screen
  • CapTel 2400i: The ultimate CapTel phone, it includes a full-color touchscreen, menu graphics, modern design and built-in answering machine
  • WebCapTel: Read transcripts of your conversations on your desktop computer or laptop without any additional equipment required

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Posted by NJAdmin on Sep 11, 2015