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What is New Jersey CapTel?

What is New Jersey CapTel?

New Jersey CapTel has proven to be a blessing for individuals with hearing loss, but what exactly is it and what are the benefits? For that we turn to Jim Skjeveland.

CapTel simply means captioned telephone.

"The benefit for seniors is if they start to lose their hearing and can't hear what is being said to them, they can simply read it on their phone, stay fully interactive in the conversation and it allows them to stay connected," said Skjeveland.

He went on to say a lot of individuals become disconnected socially because they can't communicate on the phone.

There's four different types of CapTel telephones. One type only requires a phone line, while the other three require a phone line and Internet connection.

If you like an iPad, Skjeveland talked about one of the feature-rich options.

"If you like technology, it's all touch screen. It's got Bluetooth technology for people that have hearing aids and want to use a Bluetooth streamer. It's got speaker phone. It's got ways to customize with a touch screen."

The simpler option, which only requires a phone line, looks like a traditional telephone equipped with large buttons.

Another option accommodates blind or low vision individuals.

"You can hook a braille board into it. It has a bigger screen for those who have low vision as well."

The phones go for no more than $75 and a lot of times folks can get them at no cost.

If you want to learn more about the services, there's an event coming up on March 7th from 1-7 PM in Lakewood, New Jersey. The event not only highlights the CapTel services, but also a number of other services available to seniors in the area.

Speakers include the Ocean City Office of Senior Services, NJ Division of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing and AARP.

There's no admission fee and complimentary refreshments will be available! For more information on this event you can call NJ CapTel at (732) 440-8822 or visit

Posted by NJAdmin on Feb 28, 2018