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Product Profile: CapTel 2400i

Product Profile: CapTel 2400i

With the right type of phone technology, you can keep your communication experience right at your fingertips.

If you’re seeking convenience in your phone service and you’re familiar with your tablet and smartphone, the touch-screen CapTel 2400i phone will be a comfortable fit for you.

(Plus, for a limited time only, enjoy free shipping on the CapTel 2400i – see details below.)

What you get

The 2400i is a great fit – here’s what you can do with it:

Navigate through menus similarly to how you do it on your other devices – bring up call history, contacts or voicemail with a tap
Enjoy dial-by-picture capability for up to 100 of your most frequent callers
Utilize voicemail through a built-in answering machine that’s easily accessible through your touch-screen menu
There’s no need for a special phone line – a touch-screen CapTel phone utilizes both your standard analog phone service and digital phone line to function
You can have the best of both worlds – the device transmits the conversation partner’s voice, as well as displays captions on a built-in screen via your wireless network with no need to call the captioning service
The service is free of charge – an agent in a call center will provide captioning through voice recognition technology

What you need

The requirements are pretty simple – for the 2400i to operate properly, all you need is a telephone service (analog, digital cable, CoIP, FIOS or DSL connections will do) and high-speed internet access (must be at least 25MB/second download speeds).

And if you don’t have a wireless router, you may need one in order to connect multiple devices at once.

Special offer

From now until the end of March, get free shipping on orders of the CapTel 2400i model using code NJCAPSM.

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Posted by NJAdmin on Mar 08, 2016