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Finding the Perfect CapTel Phone for Low-Vision Users

Finding the Perfect CapTel Phone for Low-Vision Users

Captioned telephone services are great for hard-of-hearing. But what if you also struggle to see your captioned conversations?

If text size is a concern when it comes to deciphering captions and you need a little more magnification when you’re reading, the CapTel 880i low-vision phone is the perfect choice.

It’s your captions, more readable than ever.

Key Benefits

So what’s so great about a low-vision CapTel phone? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Enjoy larger-sized print on your built-in caption display – it’s built especially for readers with low vision
  • There’s no need for a special phone line – a low-vision CapTel phone utilizes both your standard analog phone service and digital phone line to function*
  • You can have the best of both worlds – the device transmits the conversation partner’s voice, as well as displays captions on a built-in screen via your wireless network with no need to call the captioning service
  • The service is free of charge – an agent in a call center will provide captioning through voice recognition technology


*What’s the difference between “analog” and “digital?”

An analog phone line is the traditional landline phone service found in most homes that travels over telephone lines bidirectionally – meaning voices can travel to and from a receiver. Also known as “DSL,” a digital phone line transfers voice and captioning differently and more quickly than an analog line through moving data across a network.


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Posted by NJAdmin on Apr 06, 2016