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Enriching Holiday Calls with Family

Enriching Holiday Calls with Family

As we close out 2016, families across the country are connecting for the holidays and we have more ways to stay in touch than ever before. Whether using some form of text, social media, online video chat, or the good “old fashioned” telephone, the choices for connecting over the holiday season seem endless.

However, for those with hearing loss, each option can come with its own challenges. Text is fast and easy, but it’s not effective in capturing emotion, which is so important this time of year (emojis just don’t cut it!). Text is good at delivering information but not at connecting us to those we love.

Video is a bit better, but many things including lighting and connection speeds can distort the picture and the audio, and even the most patient relative is ready to end the call when the video keeps freezing.

For more than a century, “phoning home for the holidays,” has been a traditional option, but standard telephones can make for frustrating calls when one party has difficulty hearing.

“It got to the point where my children got frustrated with me on the phone and would not communicate,” said Wanda Anderson who has hearing loss. Wanda’s daughter was away at college and shared how important this communication was, but that it was equally difficult.

For many, the frustration can quickly turn into avoidance. “I’d put off using the telephone until everyone was out of the family room and it was quiet,” said Carla Trivedi, another hard of hearing phone user. “It was one of those things as I was losing my hearing. It finally just became impossible.”

Talk to anyone with hearing loss, or any audiologist, and you’ll find that difficulty hearing on the phone is a pressing issue for people with any amount of hearing loss. As familiar and convenient making a call is, these calls can be hard on the caller and the person who answers the call.

That’s exactly why we love to tell people about New Jersey CapTel, especially around the holidays. Free to New Jersey Residents, CapTel is a proven service that provides the unique combination of a traditional phone call with written captions – so you can read what the other party is saying. It’s as easy as picking up the phone, and it lets you hear what you’re able to, and read what you miss. Perhaps more important is the ability to perceive the emotion that comes through on the audio. Wanda, whose daughter was away at school, would call more often after she started using New Jersey CapTel.

“Hearing her voice, and understanding that she made the dean’s list and I knew the excitement in her voice came across the CapTel phone,” said Wanda. Maybe even better, her daughter noticed too. “She felt more comfortable calling me and telling what was going on because she knew I could understand [everything she said thanks to the CapTel phone].”

So, whether you’re wishing someone “Happy Holidays,” or calling to shout “Happy New Year,” your enthusiasm and theirs comes across most clearly on a CapTel phone.

 “It allows you to see everything, and know you’re not missing anything,” says Kraig Ankeiewicaz, another happy CapTel user.

See for yourself. There’s still time to pick up a free New Jersey CapTel phone in time for your own holiday connections. Just visit our web site ( or call us toll free: (877-805-5845). Mention you saw this post to get free shipping on your phone!

Happy Holidays from all of us at New Jersey CapTel!

Posted by NJAdmin on Dec 15, 2016