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Confidence and Hearing Loss: Taking Control of the Conversation

Confidence and Hearing Loss: Taking Control of the Conversation

When it comes to living with hearing loss, it’s easy to become defeated when it comes to conversations and listening in public. But with the right amount of confidence, you can take control of your hearing loss and enjoy the things you love.

Try these tips on for size the next time you’re hesitant to do something you enjoy.

Be honest

The first step toward being confident in your hearing loss is agreeing to be honest with others and with yourself. If you struggle to hear conversations in noisy surroundings, tell people. Don’t be afraid to let others know the best ways to communicate with you, whether it’s speaking more slowly, turning down background noise or making eye contact. This way, everyone, yourself included, can have a positive conversational experience.

Be prepared

Don’t let any hearing-loss-related hurdles prevent you from doing what you enjoy. It might just take a little bit more preparation to enjoy it more fully. If it helps, bring along assistive devices, a notepad and pen or a pair of glasses to help in lip-reading. If you take a few extra minutes to gather items that can aid in your hearing, you’ll be able to relax a bit more and enjoy whatever activities in which you’re engaging.

Be proactive

If you’re struggling to do day-to-day activities or take part in your favorite hobbies because of your hearing loss, plan ahead and get an examination. Talk to your audiologist about assistive listening devices, such as hearing aids, or have your existing ones adjusted. Familiarize yourself ahead of time with any out-of-home surroundings you might enter to know whether noise or crowds will be an issue. The more you know ahead of time, the more you can position yourself for the most optimum conversing or listening experiences.

Be you

The most important aspect of taking control of your conversational confidence is remembering to be yourself. Don’t let hearing loss dictate what you can and can’t do. Do what you enjoy, and don’t settle or avoid activities just because of frustration or fear. Be yourself.


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Posted by NJAdmin on May 03, 2016