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Can Treating My Hearing Loss Help Me Stay Active?

Can Treating My Hearing Loss Help Me Stay Active?

When you’ve experienced hearing loss in some way, shape or form in your life, it can be easy to retreat and avoid activity. But thanks to hugely beneficial treatments, such as hearing aids and assistive listening devices (ALDs), there are loads of benefits to improving your abilities to stay active.


One of the most important things people who are making use of treatments, such as hearing aids and ALDs, experience is a most positive outlook on day-to-day life. Research has shown that those treating their hearing loss are more likely to feel confident, optimistic and engaged.


Whether it’s at home during down time or while at work, taking steps to treat your hearing loss has an effect on the motivation you have to complete tasks and perform well. It has been known to improve job performance, so much so that it has an effect on income and career path.


Those who treat their hearing loss are more apt to invite situations where socializing will take place. It has a substantial effect on the nurturing of your most important relationships and spurs a heightened willingness to participate in group activities.


The Better Hearing Institute confirmed that those who use hearing aids and ALDs are more likely to be comfortable being out and about, from physical activity to meeting up with friends and family.


Finally, treating your hearing loss results in a physical benefit as well – your cognitive abilities, namely your balance and mobility, are vastly improved. Studies have shown these improvements in cognitive abilities can also deter memory loss and dementia, as well as depression and anxiety.

Don’t let hearing loss keep you from doing the things you love with the people you love – start treating your loss and stay active!

Source: Better Hearing Institute

Posted by NJAdmin on Jun 21, 2016