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8 Tips for Speaking to People with Hearing Loss

8 Tips for Speaking to People with Hearing Loss

Communicating with a friend or family member dealing with hearing loss can be difficult, so it helps to know some ways in which you can make the situation a little easier. Keep in mind the following tips the next time you’re communicating with someone who is hearing impaired.

  • Slow down – insert pauses between phrases and keep at a manageable speaking pace
  • Look at each other – it always helps to look directly at the person with whom you’re speaking with your face in full view
  • Favor a “good ear” – if your conversation partner hears better through one ear rather than the other, position yourself accordingly
  • Cut down on noise – excessive background sound can make understanding difficult, so emphasize visual cues
  • Select quiet locations – loud noises can impede listening ability for some with hearing loss
  • Take turns – interruptions and cross-talk can make hearing difficult, so be patient if the response seems slow
  • Don’t shout – excessive volume won’t help the situation, so speak clearly at a regular pace without over-exaggerating words or phrases
  • Be respectful – help the other person feel confident by talking to him or her, rather than about or at him or her

Showing your friends and family with hearing loss that you’re putting forth an effort can go a long way.

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Source: Hearing Loss Association of America

Posted by NJAdmin on Jan 26, 2016