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6 Famous People with Hearing Loss

6 Famous People with Hearing Loss

Whether you know them or not, there are inspirational, well-known people out there who have experienced hearing loss in one way or another. Check out some of these relatable instances of famous individuals with hearing loss.

Lance Allred

How you know him: He’s a professional basketball player – the first legally deaf NBA player, in fact, using his platform to encourage sports for children with hearing loss.
His hearing loss history: He was born with 80 percent hearing loss – he utilizes assistive devices to improve his hearing on the court.

Bill Clinton

How you know him: He was the 42nd U.S. President who previously served as the governor of Arkansas for 10 years.
His hearing loss history: Attributed to both his age and high-volume sound exposure, he has used hearing aids for two decades, recently moving toward completely-in-the-canal (CIC) devices.

Chris Colwill

How you know him: He’s a competitive diver who participated in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.
His hearing loss history: He was born with 60 percent hearing loss in both ears, since utilizing assistive devices out of the water – and making out sounds such as applause and loud beeps while in the water.

Lou Ferrigno

How you know him: He’s a bodybuilder and actor who is best known for playing the green version of The Incredible Hulk in the 1970s and 1980s.
His hearing loss history: He experienced frequent ear infections as a baby that caused him to lose 80 percent of his hearing as early as age three – a fully implanted cochlear stimulator offers him better hearing ability.

Holly Hunter

How you know her: She’s an Academy Award-winning actress, known for The Piano, Broadcast News and The Incredibles.
Her hearing loss history: She experienced a severe case of the mumps as a child, leaving her deaf in one ear – she’s since used her hearing loss to drive a stronger attention to detail in interactions to overcome her listening deficit.

Marlee Matlin

How you know her: She’s an Academy Award-winning actress – the youngest Best Actress winner – but is perhaps even better known as a deaf advocate.
Her hearing loss history: An illness caused her to lose nearly all of her hearing at 1.5 years old, but she has since become one of the most visible advocates for the deaf community since famously playing a woman working at a school for the deaf in Children of a Lesser God.


The list goes on from there – people from all kinds of fields and interests have experienced hearing loss, so you’re not alone.


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Posted by NJAdmin on Jun 02, 2016