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5 Jobs That Affect Your Hearing Health

5 Jobs That Affect Your Hearing Health

Not everyone can be a librarian – some jobs require a little more exposure to high-decibel sound on a regular basis. But which positions are the most potentially damaging for their jobholders?

Check out some of the jobs that can have a negative effect on your hearing below.

Gardening and landscaping

When it comes to working with lawns and gardens, there is a variety of high-volume equipment used regularly. From mowers to tillers to weed whackers, landscapers and gardeners are exposed to continued noise throughout the work day. That’s why it’s important to have earmuffs on hand to keep your hearing loss at bay.

What’s the damage? As much as 107 decibels

Construction and carpentry

A construction site is a hotbed of noise exposure, from jackhammers to heavy machinery to power tools. It’s essential that construction workers who are on a build site wear protective ear wear – it’s unhealthy for a person to subject him or herself to sustained noise at this high level.

What’s the damage? As much as 130 decibels

Bars and clubs

It’s easy to forget the potential damage occurring when the noise is so enjoyable – that’s why bars and clubs are deceivingly tough on your ears when you work as a bartender, bouncer, DJ or other team member. With loud, pulsing music blasting your eardrums for hours on end, it’s important to step out and take a break now and again to cut back on the long-term hearing loss.

What’s the damage? As much as 115 decibels

Delivery and truck-driving

Motor vehicles, particularly ones without cabs like motorcycles and scooters, are notoriously damaging to your hearing when you don’t wear protective gear. If you’re a delivery driver or a truck driver, sustained exposure to high-volume motor noise can do a number on your hearing.

What’s the damage? With motorcycles, as much as 103 decibels


Possibly the most dangerous of jobs for your hearing health is working ground crew at an airport – there’s nothing quite like an airplane taking off to really create a lot of noise pollution. That’s why the highest-quality protective gear, such as earmuffs with a tight seal, are absolutely crucial for ground control team members.

What’s the damage? As much as 140 decibels

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it – that’s why it’s important to speak with your company’s HR team about ensuring you and your fellow workers have the appropriate protective ear gear to do the job right and protect your hearing.


Posted by NJAdmin on Jun 14, 2016