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4 Ways to Reduce Stress When Living with Hearing Loss

4 Ways to Reduce Stress When Living with Hearing Loss

Speaking with and listening to others can often be a struggle when you’ve experienced hearing loss. And this difficulty can have adverse effects on stress levels – be they yours or the person with whom you’re speaking.

But there are simple ways for you to reduce your stress and the stress of those around you. Try these tips on for size.


The causes of stress are many – from frustration to lack of patience to negativity, there are a lot of contributing factors. But if you make a conscious effort to keep your demeanor positive, it’ll work wonders for your stress levels. Even though conversations can be frustrating when both parties aren’t able to hear to the same degree, if you stay positive, you will be less likely to build stress.


Whether you head outside for a few hours or read or scribble on a sketchpad for a bit, taking time out for some silence can greatly decrease your stress. If you can find activities in which speaking and hearing aren’t necessary, you’ll get a break from the noise and bask in the sweet silence.


Which brings us to this third point – take a breather. If you begin to get frustrated or impatient with a conversation, whether you or your conversation partner have hearing loss, step away for a few minutes. If you can enter a conversation with a patient, refreshed demeanor, it’ll be more fruitful for both parties. It’s okay to admit to yourself and your loved one, “I need a minute to collect my thoughts – can we take a breather?”


And when it comes to reducing stress for those with hearing loss, a lot of the old, tried-and-true tricks apply. Take time to relax and get plenty of sleep, eat right and make a habit of exercising – these will all contribute toward your stress relief when it comes to conversing through hearing loss.

Don’t let conversation stress you out. It should be a pleasing experience for all involved, so keep these key factors in mind.

Source: Hearing Link

Posted by NJAdmin on Mar 11, 2016